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Honorine shuri

My name is Honorine Shuri. I am a Nurse, mother of 3 boys, and a wife. Helping others...I do it with passion be it in my family, at my job, with my friends and even strangers. I truly believe that if we treat each other the way we want to be treated, the world would be a better place. I am a board member at AFRIFAMU and we work tirelessly to uphold our mission and vision for the African community home and abroad. I have lived the the United States for 17 years. With the cultural changes/shock that immigrants like myself face with migrating to developed countries I am devoted to sharing my experiences to help current migrants mitigate their transition process and acclimate to the massive social changes they will encounter. Africa has a rich culture that we as Africans need to make sure that as we travel the world let our values not get lost in the wind. We need to grasp any and every opportunity we get to empower immigrants of the African community and help each other to navigate the challenges that come with migration. AFRIFAMU is here to do just that and also to inspire anyone who intends to help individuals of the African community by recognizing those who are already doing so with our prestigious awards at the award ceremony.