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As a visionary, servant leader, proud father of 2 and Real Estate Broker and Investor grounded in his faith, family and African values, Mamady Cisse, originally from Guinea, West Africa, holds decades of leadership and successful community initiatives that always aim to make a greater impact on people’s lives.

That passion has transpired now as CEO of the international ADC Realty Brokerage. His passion to better serve a diverse range of Buyers and Sellers led to the inspiration behind his unique brokerage! ADC Realty and Investments Inc., aims to empower more Real Estate agents across the U.S and overseas to earn more, expand their leadership skills and learn how to access sustainable wealth in our industry through multiple verticals of Real Estate from Residential, Commercial, and Industrial markets. It encourages each agent to be a trendsetter in life instead of being just a trend follower!

Additionally, Mamady is the CEO of African Dream Big Corporation which aims to help build generational wealth in many African Countries. This multi-layered Nation Building Exercise consists of strategic and mega plans that include our own multiple entities from financial goods and services to housing/land developments advancements, sustainable agriculture, science, and technology developments and much more.

Overall, whether he’s helping people invest in their homes, serving his family or communities, Mamady Cisse has a proven track record of making a difference and elevating people’s lives. The future is bright and exciting as he embarks on new ways to make a lasting impact in the world.

During this journey, while successfully running businesses, he engaged himself in community services from 2013 to 2015 where he became president of the Guinean community in Southern California. This success exposed him to a large African Communities across the USA with his positive assistances and involvement in the big decision to advance African needs and initiatives. Due to all that he made it into the selections as a recipient of Afrifamu ACAA. His talents in community services and business have inspired AFRIFAMU Board of Directors which then decided to promote him with the invitation to join the Council for the joint venture.

Collectively, Afrifamu has continued to influence and inspire many generations from all walks of life (in health, in innovations, technology, etc... Individually, his contribution to Afrifamu has elevated him from an outreach person to a position of Vice President.

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