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Javan Reyes

Javan Reyes

As a proud U.S Veteran and COO of Meraki Allure, Javan Reyes been an instrumental inspiration and driver behind this sustainable luxury brand for men and women. As a long-time friend and business partner to Mo Cisse, they have transpired through many challenges and expansions that continue to inspire their clients’ lives across the U.S. With his natural eye for details and marketing, Javan has done an exceptional job helping MERAKI ALLURE build its online presence and fine-tune its timeless branding to connect more with its ideal clientele. He’s now joined the cause and visions of ADC Realty and Investment Group Inc. & African Dream Big Corporation. In helping with growth and visions of the brand, we have helped with marketing, branding and have helped elevate the image.

After so many life altering experiences, to foster homes, to growth from childhood traumas, to being a youth leader for nearly a decade. He discovered ways of attracting amazing opportunities and finding mentors. Javan has fully embraced the motto that Life is always happening for us not to us, because we are who we are today because of what we’ve been through in our lives.