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Winstina Taylor

Winstina Taylor

Winstina Taylor is a multitasking, multi-talented, award winning Sierra Leone raised; American trained actress, entrepreneur, philanthropist and humanitarian. Growing up she was always branded a leader and goal getter. She attended Seaton Elementary in Washington DC where she was part of the drama club, sister to sister team helping girl’s become self-empower. At Shaw junior High school she receives many presidential honored awards and was accepted in Duke Ellington School of the Arts in Washington DC but went to Duval high school in Maryland where she was part of the multicultural drama club team, Step team, soccer, soft ball and went on to Prince George community College to earn her Registered Nurse degree and earned her master’s degree in Nursing education at Walden University. Currently Winstina is pursuing her doctor of nursing degree (DNP).

Some of her movies are now distributed across Africa through the IROKO TV, dstv Channel, UK nations and many more outlets. Winstina’s drive is a force to be reckon with, and she has proven that African movies can be done, and successfully so, in the USA, and helps crossover the racial and ethnic lines. She has been nominated for several awards in the movie industry as well as for her work as a humanitarian.

The ambitious winstina is a busy on the go woman who has her sights set on expanding her business and operations, having launched a successful production company Prime International Productions in an effort to help upcoming actor’s and entertainers to have a local production company to call home. For an educated and successful woman like people of her caliber, Winstina has managed to balance family, work and play, with serious dedication in helping the helpless especially her Sierra Leone community via Immaculate Charities co- own with her mother Rosemarie Sesay that is engage in educating and feeding the poor in Sierra Leone and many other places. Winstina has taken a serious dedication to her Sierra Leone community in the US and back home. She has done educational tours to teach about health, communicable diseases, infectious diseases and hygiene to the rural people of Sierra Leone. Winstina and her family are currently paying over 20 student school fees in Sierra Leone and employ more than 50 workers under Immaculate branch in Sierra Leone and a newly open family guest House in Makeni run and mange by her Uncle Robinson essay. Winstina's greatest mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style “simply said by Maya Angelou, while putting a smile on everyone that comes around her and see no one left behind in poverty or hunger.


Pan African international awards: most outstanding African person of the year 2017

Diaspora Entertainment Awards (D.E.A): Best Producer 2016



The spring of joy “the Gem of Africa” award 2014.

Diaspora nominee best actress NFCA 2014

GIAMA Diaspora nominee for best actress (2013)

Vigor Awards International 2017- Achievement award

LANFA 2017- Best supporting actress for the movie “Bigamy”

Next Generation Entertainment Awards (NGEA) 2017

Best actress “The Company”

Best movie producer “The Company”

Best movie “The Company”

Best NGO Immaculate Charity Foundation

AWOL America 2017

Best movie producer “The Company”