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Sellasie Ahorlu

Sellasie Ahorlu

Selassie hails from the West African nation of Ghana and considers himself a strong advocate of the Pan-African Movement. He carries a calabash with him at all times to remind people around him of his roots…Africa. He has been dubbed “The Calabash Mafia” is social circles.

Selassie Ahorlu is a Control Systems Engineer in the Oil and Gas industry. In addition to his career as an engineer, Selassie is the founder of Afropolitan LA, the LA chapter of Afropolitan Cities. Afropolitan Cities is the largest nation-wide Diaspora professional and social networking organization of its kind with a network of over 60K professionals and close to 300 Diaspora businesses across 8 cities. The aim of the organization is to bridge the cultural divide in order to unleash the full potential of the African Diaspora while spreading African culture around the world.

The movement is for progressives & cultural enthusiasts living in the LA and seeking to connect, socialize and collaborate with other like-minded individuals.

The Afropolitan mission is to unleash the full potential of the African Diaspora by bridging the Diaspora divide through cultural experiences that enable ethnic groups in the Diaspora to learn about each other. Its goal is to build a united and dynamic global Diaspora network, connect and empower Diaspora communities, businesses and professionals around the world for opportunity creation and socio-economic development.