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Born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa, Rev. Kelvin Sauls is a trans-national faith-rooted community organizer at the intersection of South Los Angeles and South Africa. As an ordained minister in the abolitionist Pan-African Methodist tradition and emancipatory Black Liberation theological framework. Practicing a spirituality of mutuality and ubuntu, Rev. Sauls' theory of change is, "When some people mobilize to otherize, we must organize to humanize!"

As an intersectionalist, he has been engaged in impactful community-based and congregational work in African American and Black Immigrant communities for 25+ years. He is the Co-Founder of the Black Alliance for Just Immigration (, Priority Africa Network (, and Senior Fellow with the Atlantic Institute in the area of Racial Equity (

As protagonist for God's beloved world house, Rev. Sauls has engaged in building the agency of faith and community leaders, and the capacity of faith and community-based organizations in blueprints around peace-making, violence prevention, and community safety with dignity.

Whether in San Francisco, Oakland, Nashville, New York City, or Los Angeles, with a commitment to abolition and emancipation, Rev. Sauls has been intentional in building long-term sustainable bridges that will seek the well-being of families and communities by centering humanity and dignity, mutuality and integrity, transparency, and accountability.

As a philanthropist, Rev. Sauls formalized his trans-national work by co-organizing the Beloved Community Coalition (BeCoCo) in the land of his birth, South Africa. With its mission of organizing and mobilizing people's power to realize just and fair communities for bold and equitable belonging, BeCoCo advances asset-based culturally competent strategies in eradicating structural inequities and systemic racial injustices. Whether in a sanctuary and pulpit or on pavement and the streets of Los Angeles or South Africa, Rev. Sauls is a courageous consensus-driven catalyst for a world where we transform pistols into plowshares, and turn from making bullets to baking bread, so that quality of life can be available and accessible to everyone, especially the vulnerable and marginalized.

As a community catalyst, Rev. Sauls lives out his commitment to systems change and realization of his beloved community through his partnership with the following organizations;

*City Los Angeles Commissioner for 10 years under three Mayor's
*County of Los Angeles Faith Collaborative to End Homelessness
*Co-founder and Board Member, Black Cooperative Impact Fund
*Co-founder & Board Member, Black Women for Wellness Action Project (c4)
*Board Member, Inter-religious Federation for Community Organizing (IFCO)/Pastors for Peace
*Co-Convenor, Africans in America Alliance (A-A-A)
*Ci-Chair, Stop The Hate Against Black Immigrants Campaign

As a democratic socialist, Rev. Sauls is the Founder and Chief Catalyst with Sauls Strategic Solutions (SSS), a consulting enterprise, SSS is a social impact and trans-national consulting company committed to realizing a spirituality of ujaama-nomics by resourcing the agency, capacity, resiliency and vitality of continental and global African communities to advance social, economic and racial justice toward authentic, bold, courageous, deliberate and equitable belonging.