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Prince Joshua Kofi Morrison Budukuma

Prince Joshua Kofi Morrison Budukuma

Best known for his ingenuity and unapologetic stands to use culture as a positive tool to empower the youth and make them believe in their natural potency, Prince Joshua Kofi Morison Budukuma, is gradually gaining traction in the community with such a message. Prince Kofi, being the last born of ten siblings, and growing up in a palace was exposed to some cultural and traditional values that he believes can foster family and community building.

< Determined to empower the youth in their development, Kofi mentors and exposes them to the cultures of other countries, especially the African Diaspora. His service to communities has compelled many children to believe in their dreams and strive for more. While Prince Kofi is undeniably into the filmmaking business, he most of all cherish creating and sharing interesting stories and encouraging others to tell theirs.

Originally from Ghana, and currently residing in Los Angeles, Kofi endeavors to use his experience and exposure in the entertainment industry to tell captivating stories, shed light on the plight of less fortunate ones, and injustices in the world. He recently collaborated with United Nations Population Funds, to produce “WUMAN,” a film he wrote and directed which deals with Sex Trafficking and Female Genital Mutilations.

Prince Kofi has founded a royalty community organization known as Mysankofa (Ohen Ne Ohemma (Kings & Queens) to reinforce his message of equality and community building.

At the African Community Achievement Award committee, we are proud to call you a champion for community building.