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Neveen Dominic

Neveen Dominic

Neveen Dominic is a South Sudanese war survivor who immigrated to Canada as a refugee in 1996. She has over 20 years of knowledge and experience in the fashion and beauty industries. Neveen is the CEO of Neveen Dominic Cosmetics and founder of Beauty Response to Cancer Society. She uses her cosmetics to empower women and help build their self-esteem. With confidence, Neveen believes that anyone can change the world. Every year, Neveen likes to give her cancer clients a moment where they can forget about their illness and enjoy their lives to its fullest. She offers each client free wigs and cosmetics to help them deal with the cosmetic side effects of chemotherapy and radiation. Neveen mentors many South Sudanese people around the world in pursuing their passion and not allowing their past to determine their future. Her new book "Neveen Dominic" is an autobiography of her life, how she started her company, and how she is using it to empower others. Neveen will be donating proceeds from her book to her charity and to other charities during her book tour in 2018.