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Melnour Sinayoko

Melnour Sinayoko

It is with great pleasure, and pride to remember this fallen brother from my home country. Melnour fit the bill as a legend in the Guinean community in southern California. He was a small statured man, who’s deeds made him a giant among human being. He was a giving person. A provider of many services to his fellow Guinean. He was always available to assist anyone whom he thought needed his assistance.

He was the founder of the Guinean association of Southern California. With this organization, he tried to keep the community together. He was a man who knew no boundaries as to how far he was willing to go to keep Guineans as a community here in the US. Although we were separated by the distance, that had no bearing on his love of community. He visited most families, he hosted most of the events at his house. After passing the baton as the president of the Guinean Association for several years, he became the first president of the new organization: The name of this was Friends United, a social organization which was created to encompass all members from various country, it was a multi-ethnic, members from various countries of the African continent, to support each other as one African family in the United States of America. He was a great support in both organizations.

His loss, was a great one in our community. He was a true leader, who did not care about your ethnic origin or, religion, he respected all, and embraced all Guinea. As I reflect on the needs of our African community, I realize how much we need more open-minded people like Melnour to lead by example. He will be always remembered.