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Martin Caspa

Martin Caspa

Martin Caspa, RE, CSIT.
(At a glance)

A Cameroonian by birth with a birth place of Victoria and a native of Bali Nyonga, out here with a mission to get it, get back and give back nationally and globally with a focus on Africa. Now serving year thirty six of an emigrant experience and a resident of Southern California USA in all thirty six of those years.
All through my thirty six years in the USA, I have been specially blessed in twenty five of them and still counting-on with a great wife, Licy Tata-Caspa, (a Cameroonian origin), two fantastic California born kids, Amanda Caspa and Miles Caspa.

With a California Check-in date of September 23, 1982 I hit the ground running, leaving behind my immediate family, Godfrey Caspa, (brother), Mammy Emilia Caspa and Ba. Alfred Caspa (now exited) and a Bali Nyonga royal family heritage.

So far I’ve executed per plan, achieving a formal academic training, graduating from an all California university educational standard as a Hybrid product of the California state & University of California system, with a couple of technical degrees as follows; BSc Production specializing in Manufacturing, MSc. Reliability engineering with a specialty in electro-mechanicals and a board certified Senior Industrial Technologist.

With this background training I was able to spend thirty four plus professional years in California, serving in various capacity of a Sr. Global Quality engineer, Sr. Reliability engineer, Advanced Manufacturing engineer, Sr. Manufacturing engineer, in various fortune 500 companies in an industry spread as follows; Xerographic (XEROX) Aerospace (ROCKWELL/BOEING) window treatment systems (Louver drape) Mag-stripe/HID (AMERIACAN MAGNETICS) etc.

Over my corporate service time, I have been professionally very blessed with a few National/Global commercial Firsts in my scope of technical delivery experience as follows: 1st.modem, 1st. cellphone chip, 1st.LCD, 1st. rub head technology, Corporate awards, President’s highest achiever award, superstar team member in Xerox etc. and I said this is it.

Bridged to early retirement 2014 from the corporate world with Xerox _IP as last stop and now counting four years moving forward as a business entrepreneur geared to give back.

After two years of practical & detailed quantified methods of studying the sun, I established excellence in harnessing the sun, creating, developing and establishing “SOLAMATIC since the nineties & POWER ANYWHERE” first as a part time R&D during my professional run around days which later enhanced my confidence to bridge to retirement from the corporate world.

So far I have almost replicated my corporate world performance as indicated by the achievements and awards with USPTO; Patent and registered marks in solar technology, 2015 inventors forum award for most innovative window treatment system,”solamatic” and 2018 California IE-Manufacturers Council E=MC2 “product innovation award,” “solamatic _G-Flex technology”, Power Any Where (aka: CA-PAW). With these few achievements so far, I think I’ve arrived and more than ready to give back to the continent and globally as needed, providing unlimited solutions for alternative energy with focus on solar and emerging Technology.

Martin Caspa, RE, CSIT

Founder, President/CEO _VSI Technologies Inc., AKA: (A registered MADE IN CALIFORNIA company).


2018 Lifetime achievement nominee “Marquis Who’s Who in Science & engineering”.