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Lucille Crawford Sakordie

Lucille Crawford Sakordie

Lucille Crawford-Sarkodie was born in Ghana, West Africa and migrated to the United States at the age of 13. She went to Rosemead High School in the city of Rosemead, CA and graduated in 1994.
After high school, she went off to college and one day on campus, she met a Ghanaian girl by the name of Mary. They became roommates and eventually, she was introduced to the larger Ghanaian community. She became more and more interested in the things of Ghana and decided to wet her feet a little deeper by contesting in the Miss Ghana USA pageant in New York City in 1998. Although she did not win the title, it was such a great experience for her and she decided then that she will do whatever she can to help and support her beloved country Ghana.

After she graduated from college, got married and had children, she had a deep yearning to be more involved in the Ghanaian community because she really wanted her children to learn about her beautiful culture. Since she also had the passion of uniting Ghanaians in Southern California but didn’t know how to do this as California is such a big State,

she involved herself in many community events, spearheaded fundraisers and immersed herself wherever she was needed but this still didn’t seem like she was doing enough. In 2016, she decided to run for a leadership office with the Ghana Association of Southern California. She won the seat of the secretary in the general election in November of 2016 and hit the ground running!

Since taking office, along with the other executives, have reinstated the Ghana Association to what it used to be by encouraging the community members to join them. She is the project manager for the first African Immigrants Homeownership Fair. The event was a great success and she has been of service to the community. How the love of her people brought her to community service. This is what we are encouraging each and every one of us to do. Be your brother’s keeper and the Guardian of the customs and growth of your community.

This is just a summary of what she has done, Come to AFRIFAMU 2019 and you will hear more.