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Meet our next award recipient from Ivory Coast

A.T. King Nat Jr., born in Africa, a descendant of Chief of the AKAN people is a Goodwill Ambassador of African cultures & traditions and a representative of the MORONU KINGDOM of the Ivory Coast in West Africa. As a young child, King Nat acquired a deep knowledge of African cultures and traditions from his grandfather “NANA SUO AMOA KPANGNY TANOH KOTOBRE” whose name means “Biggest and Wisest Man”. He was Chief of the AGBOSSU VILLAGE in the Ivory Coast which has 5000 Inhabitants.

King Nat. Jr. lives by five principles: Innovation, Creativity, Originality, Authenticity, and Traditionalism. His main passion is to work on any historical project. He graduated from New York Film Academy as a Filmmaker/Director and TV Producer. He is also a multi-talented artist and designer who has shown some of his abstract artwork around the world in his unique design creation called BAKA Design which is a unique art form for recycling the environment to save the earth and regenerate the rain forest. His art and design work is available to anyone upon request.

King Nat. Jr. was hired in 2000-2001 as one of the youngest International Consultants. He worked for Disney animation television on “The Legend of Tarzan” and was acknowledged by on screen-credit. At that time KING and his wife Helen realized their love for entertainment and made a permanent move to Hollywood. King Nat. Jr. has traveled extensively around the world defending Humanitarian causes.

A.T. King Nat Jr. create the first multi-cultural radio show programming on KXMX 1190 am radio in Glendale California which was broadcast in 3 languages for the first time in radio broadcasting history in English, French, and Spanish. He has appeared in many TV shows, radio shows, films, and magazines. He has also appeared on “Ali an American Hero” on Fox TV with Will Smith, a voice-over as a “Masai Warrior” plus commercials. King Nat Jr. is a member of SAG/AFTRA/AEA, the Black Journalist Association in Southern California and the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. His latest work as a stand for Danny Glover in “Dream Girls” has given him recognition in Hollywood as a humanitarian, Executive Producer, Producer & Host. He’s always ready to attend a Celebrity event and can perform a 10 min libation (“call of the ancestors”) as an opening ceremony for your event at your cost.

King Nat studied business administration first before changing to film and television. King is also the CEO of the non-profit organization, Producer/Host of, CEO of, International Group Security Corp, Abusuan Entertainment & Trading, BAKA Design, King African Art & “IFC” Intl Family Center. King Nat Jr. is your connection between Hollywood and Africa.

A.T. King Nat Jr. has been a great contributor to his native country of the Ivory Coast “Cote D’ Ivoire”. He has served in the capacity of the honorary interim consul for the Ivory Coast at the time of the crisis here in Los Angeles; Twice organizing special elections for the Ivory Coast in Los Angeles by donating his personal residence.

King Nat Jr. also served as the cultural Affairs Attaché for the Ivory Coast consulate in Los Angeles. He was appointed as President of the Ivory Coast census for the “STATE of California”. When serving as interim consul for two years; King Nat Jr. expedited all the people’s cultural adaptation needs such as visas etc.