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Foday Singhateh

Foday Singhateh

Lady Fanta was very involved in the humanitarian life of the Gambia before Sir Farimang governorship, during and still to this date. She was one the first lady to receive 2nd clothing from Belgium to distribute to local citizens in regions like Bakoteh, Sukuta and rural villages. In her nineties and with old age she is still feeding the whole neighborhood which include station officials. The sir Farimang Singhateh has an open door policy for all and she doesn’t any needy family back. A Bakery was opened and named in her honor to serve the people and make the bread reasonable to buy at high quality. Her age being the barrier to many charity work; her is son (Foday Mubaraka Singhateh) has taken the role of continuing their legacy of giving back to the communities. A foundation is opened called Sir Farimang Foundation that his son managing taking it to the next level. The foundation donated last year 65 office chairs worth at $15K and this year the foundation donated $40K to RVH (Royal Vitoria Hospital) the same hospital that gave him his chance and training. St. Augustine’s high his son’s high school received a donation of chairs, tables, mahogany conference table white board for the teachers and students. Basketball equipment fiberglass board is also donated this year to the school $40K equivalency. Currently the Foundation is sponsoring 8 students with all their yearly schools fees and other expenses. Also, the foundation providing breakfast for 105 orphanage kids daily.

The Sir Farimang Singhateh Foundation on Monday presented NBA quality basketball materials to St. Augustine’s High School. The presentation was in fulfillment of a promise made to the school by the Foundation earlier this year during a donation of furniture.

The CEO of the Foundation Foday Singhateh delivered the fibre glass back boards and goal posts on behalf of the Foundation.

Speaking at the occasion, Mr Singhateh congratulated Principal Father Toupan and his staff and students introducing himself as part of the school having passed there from 1982 to 87. Mr Singhateh assured the school of the Foundation’s desires to refurbish the basketball court as soon as possible to help the school regain its past glory in both sports and academic excellence.

Singhateh said the Foundation has multiple activities and through the collaboration of their supporters in the US, it hopes to carry out many such interventions not just for Saints alone but other parts of the country.

In response Principal Father Toupan thanked Mr Singhateh and the Foundation for remembering their former school in such a glamorous manner. The Principal agreed with the Foundation that Saints must regain all its glorious past in sports and academic, adding interventions such as the Foundation’s gestures would go a long way towards achieving that.

The occasion was witnessed by the Assistant PRO of the Foundation Mustapha Faye.

Meanwhile, before the ceremony ends, a pair of old students the 99 class surfaced with cartons of basketballs, a gesture Father Toupan said is God-sent to complement the facilities brought by the Farimang Singhateh Foundation. Foday, an alumna who also was a basketball star at the school, was emotionally driven by the sight of the students and the environment where he studied for five years. He recalled when as a very young boy from the Kombos people used to encourage him to stay in Banjul just to ensure he did not miss playing basketball for the school.