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Dr. Sota

Dr. Sota

Dr. Sota Omoigui is a co-author of the Nigerian National Anthem. The anthem was adopted in 1978 and replaced the previous national anthem, "Nigeria, We Hail Thee". The lyrics are a combination of words and phrases taken from five of the best entries in a national contest. The words were put to music by the Nigerian Police Band under the directorship of Benedict E. Odiase. Dr. Sota Omoigui’s contribution is a legacy for years to come.

Dr. Sota Omoigui is a Nigerian-American, born in Nigeria where he got his diploma from King's College Lagos and his MBBS medical degree from University of Ibadan College of Medicine in 1983. He did his residency in Pediatrics and Anesthesia and a subspecialty on Pain Medicine and Regional Anesthesia, from Cook County Hospital Chicago. Dr. Sota Omoigui is board certified in Anesthesia with subspecialty certification in Pain Medicine. He has served as an adviser to the United States, FDA Advisory Committee on Anesthetics and Life Support Devices. He is presently the Medical Director of L.A. Pain Clinic in Hawthorne, CEO of State-of-the-Art Technologies, Inc. as well as Chairman of Celebrity Hall in Inglewood, California

His research work in Pain Pharmacology, Anesthetic Pharmacology, Inflammation, and the Inflammatory response, has also greatly impacted the medical field. Dr. Sota Omoigui is a bestselling author with drug handbooks published in six languages (Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Malaysian, Polish and Portuguese), and used by pain specialists and anesthesiologists all over the world.

In 2007, he proposed his theoretical law on the inflammatory origin of pain and his publication on the biochemical origin of pain has been cited as of this date by 244 medical publications in Google Scholar. His Sota Omoigui’s Anesthesia Drugs Handbook as well as Sota Omoigui’s Pain Drugs Handbook, have been cited in 96 different publications in Google Scholar. Apps of his drug handbooks are available on the Google PlayStore and the Apple App store.

Dr. Omoigui has pioneered novel drug treatments and some of the most advanced yet simple injection techniques and procedures to treat simple and complex pain syndromes that previously required invasive surgery.

Dr. Sota Omoigui pioneered the technique of audio-capnometry and holds a United States patent for the audio-capnometer monitor and a United States patent for the process of continuous non-invasive hemometry (measurement of hemoglobin).

Dr. Sota Omoigui is an advocate of good governance and accountability in Nigeria. He is currently sponsoring a young woman whose family are internally displaced persons in Taraba State, Nigeria, from secondary school to completion of her university degree.