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Dexter Brains was born in Africa Originally from Southern Cameroons - Ambazonia, The CEO and Founder of Brains Concept Studios LLC. From childhood growing up he always wanted to be the light of his community, he digs into people’s imagination to bring to reality which is the reason why he began to open his brains as wide as he could. Dexter speaks speak 5 languages, English, French, Spanish, Batibo, and pidgin. He understands a good amount of Arabic, Hindi, Urdu, and Portuguese

He admires new ideas, Creativity, Originality. Growing up in Southern Cameroons then later moving to French Cameroon thought him so many ways to handle challenges within his sphere. He worked for so many small studios back home and finally had to go for some advanced studies at itchsoffa Plutch Produktion, A German production school that used to exist back then in Yaoundé. his career picked up when he traveled to Dubai in 2012

In Dubai, he was hired as the Media Control manager for MCI Dubai in Al Quoze. Later Promoted to the CTA. He worked for MCI throughout his stay in Dubai and was later sent to further his studies in audiovisual, and that’s where he gained advanced knowledge on the hands-on tools of Cinematics, and production in general.

Moved to the US in 2015 where the peak of my career took its right form and shape. The first personal production ever in the US was in 2016-2017 THE PATRIOTS, and then some hundreds of other productions came on the table. Been around 75% of the different states of the US exclusively for production. Today, he is a Professional Videographer, Director, Editor, VFX artist who does master 90% of the industry standard Mirrorless cameras, etc, and some major CINEMA cameras like RED, Black Magic, ARRI.

He is also a very good Gimble operator and a stunning drone pilot

Programs he operates extremely well are Photoshop, Illustrator, After effects, Premier Pro, Element 3d, Blender, Iclone 7 and above, Unreal Engine, and of course MS

Dexter has continued to support many families in southern Cameroons, especially the IDPs. He is an ardent lover of community advancement and because of that reason, he uses his talent.