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Adrienne Bambou Diagne

Adrienne Bambou Diagne

Adrienne Bambou Diagne is the CEO of International Ventures and Trade, a company that works closely with U.S. investors, the African Diaspora in the United States and African entrepreneurs. International Ventures and Trade is a consulting company, offering services for International Businesses specifically companies based in Africa looking for partnerships in the USA. They have extensive knowledge of the African market having worked in over 20 African countries as a businessperson as well as a volunteer for Doctors without Borders. She is now the consulting agent for several business owners worldwide. Public Relations & Event Planner Consultant. Adrienne is now engaged in a new crusade: bring back African Community at the same shine that the continent had before at the international level, promoting African Women and all Women around the world, being a bridge between all different social and cultural communities.

As an Ambassador Promoting Africa, She has been involved in the following activities:
- Global Independence Day Ambassador 2012 for Africa
- VIP African Ambassador at 2012 Broadway International Film Festival Los Angeles
- Coordinator for African Countries, AGOA, ECOWAS, African Union at the Salon de la Cote d'Ivoire 2012.

- Guest at the meeting held by Congress Women Karen Bass and Mr. Brown (president Obama's African and Military adviser 2008-2012)
-Keynote speaker for Women and Business in Africa. Keynote speaker for Senegal.
- President of Friends of the African Union for Africa and Los Angeles.
- Speaker at the ATIGS, African Trade, and Investment Summit.
- Speaker at the PADWA, Pan-African Diaspora Women Association.
- Attended Doing Business with Africa, at the White House.

The languages spoke French, Wolof, English, Spanish, Some Swahili and Kirundi
International Translator and Interpreter. Woloff, French.
Educational Background:
Midwifery School Senegal. Registered Midwife in the Minister of Health, SENEGAL
Physical and Mental Development of Children. Clermont-Ferrand. FRANCE
Anesthesiology. Clermont-Ferrand. FRANCE
Information Education and Communication. Doctors Without Borders. FRANCE
Training of Trainers and Trainees. Doctors Without Borders. FRANCE
HIV/AIDS and STIs/STDs, Institut Fournier and WHO, Paris. FRANCE
Mental Health Advocate with the African Health Coalition, Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA.
Business Entrepreneurship, C.E.N.T.R.O. Los Angeles. CALIFORNIA
C.E.R.T. Ongoing Training. Los Angeles Firefighters. CALIFORNIA
She has trained a total of 1000 plus trainees worldwide.

- Head of the list (Major de Promotion) Midwifery School Senegal
-Nobel Peace Prize (Prix Nobel de la Paix) in 1999 as a member of Doctors Without Borders (Medecins Sans Frontieres)
-21 awards with the Board of Equalization, Congress and we at AFRICAN COMMUNITY ACHIEVEMENT AWARD, we are proud to celebrate her as an asset to the African Community in Los Angeles and Africa as a whole.