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Ada King

Ada King

Adaeze Grace Ezuma, born on August 1, 2002, professionally known as Ada King, is a Nigerian-American singer, songwriter, rapper, and dancer. Ada King is an indigene of Anambra State but raised in Los Angeles, California. Ada's musical journey began at a young age, influenced by her mother's passion for singing, dancing, and songwriting. Her diverse discography spans Afrobeats, AfroSoul, Alte, Contemporary, Dancehall, R&B, and Afropop.

Ada's early engagement with music was evident at the age of 2 when she auditioned for Barney, setting the stage for her future pursuits. Despite financial constraints, her love for performance persisted, leading her to lead the children's church choir at 8 and later join a dance team in elementary school at 9.

Entering the Fresh Fire Youth Ministry Dance Ministry at the International Christian Center, Los Angeles, at 12, Ada showcased her talent in praise dancing, miming, and African dances. Her father's support for her musical aspirations became evident at 13 when he took her to the studio for the first time to record "The Beat of My Heart," an emotional ballad she wrote.

Throughout her teenage years, Ada continued to excel in various artistic endeavors, founding an African Dance group in high school and joining the head choir of ICCLA at 15. She went on to contribute to Lawndale High School's Cheer Team, the Black Student Union Step Team, and the African Queens of the University of California, Merced, during her college years.

In addition to her burgeoning music career, Ada King is currently pursuing a degree in Public Health and Health Sciences at Walden University and is set to graduate in 2024. Ada's commitment to education complements her artistic pursuits, showcasing her versatility and dedication to both the arts and public health. Ada King signed a professional record deal with Infinite Music and Entertainment Inc., founded by her father, Dr. Kester Ezuma (Mr. Infinite).

Respectively, Ada King’s musical debut gained traction with the collaboration songs "Symphony" featuring Judas Rapknowledge, a Ugandan artist, and "Party," featuring Ghanaian artist YB Vybez and Nigerian artist NBlow. The release of her debut single, "Wahala," marked a significant milestone in her burgeoning career, captivating audiences within the industry.

With hit singles like "Wahala,"(2021) "Easy,"(2022) "Inapiko,"(2022) and "Loco",(2022). Ada King has firmly established herself as a rising star in the Nigerian-American music scene. As it should, being the face of Infinite Music & Entertainment, Ada King was very instrumental featuring in Infinite Music's debut single "Shayo Wole," (2023), and being part of "Dollar and Pounds",(2023) the second project of Infinite Music. Her dynamic talent and diverse influences continue to shape her identity as an artist signed to Infinite Music & Entertainment.