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Abdul Koroma

Abdul Koroma

Abdul S. Koroma is the Founder and Secretary General of the Sierra Leone Nurses Association Los Angeles, is a Non-political and Non-profit association, therefore, they do not make any political contribution to any political party in Sierra Leone or anywhere else in the world. The association has been founded under the California non-profit public benefit corporation laws and do not carry any propaganda, attempting to influence legislation, participate or intervene in any political campaign on behalf of any candidate here or abroad.

The association was founded in August 2007 with the purpose to assist in improving the health care system in Sierra Leone. The association’s mission is to provide access for the people of Sierra Leone to supply important medical equipment and supplies needed to diagnose medical conditions and treat diseases. Objective is to be able to provide medical equipment for the people of Sierra Leone, provide education by awarding scholarships to qualified pupils who want to pursue a career in the healthcare system and also to educate the public on health promotion and disease prevention. Our achievements.

1- 2008 to 2011 awarded ten scholarships for ten students at College of Medicine and Allied Health Science. They graduated and they are now working at various hospitals in the Country.

2- In 2012, we sent some medical supplies to the hospitals in Freetown.

3- During the Ebola crisis in 2014, the association assisted the Government to fight the Virus with twenty million Leones (LE 20,000,000.00) equivalent to $5000.00 at that time. Early 2015, the association also sent money to the government about $5000.00 to provide food for the Ebola treatment centers.

4- In 2015-2016, we awarded fifteen scholarships to EBK Makeni, Njala BO, and College of Medicine in Freetown. These students graduated last year. In 2016-2017, we awarded twenty-three scholarships to EBK Makeni, Njala BO and College of Medicine in Freetown.

This 2018, we awarded twenty-three scholarships to the same three universities. Presently, we have forty-six students that are carrying our scholarships for 2018-2019. All these scholarships include both Diploma and Certificate students. We send application forms to the three Universities every year for only first year students who are already in the program to apply. We ask three simple questions: 1. To write a short essay about yourself. 2. Why you choose nursing as a career? 3. Why do you need the scholarship?. The students complete the application form and email it to us for the selection. Based on their answers they provided to us, will determine who is qualified to get our scholarships. No one from Sierra Leone or from Los Angeles who is not a member is involved in this process of selection. It is by merit.

Our scholarships are only for two years, start from second year to third year (final year). We do not reimburse students for first year tuition.