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2018 African Fashion and Music Festive (AFRIFAMU) Night to Take Place in Los Angeles California

An event being organized by Pyramid Productions International and Dreams Loyalty, the first annual African Fashion and Music Festival (AFRIFAMU) Night would take place on the 23rd of February, 2018 at Le Foyer Banquet, 6730 Laurel Canyon Boulevard, North Hollywood.

There is no better way to start a new year other than enjoying African fashion and music while celebrating and acknowledging men and women of African descent who have done remarkable things in their various communities to impact lives and bring about social change. Through African Community Achievement Award (ACAA), these men and women have served their communities wholeheartedly, with diligence, sincerity, and love.

Also, since the turn of the century, African music and fashion have been on a steady rise, and have started to go toe to toe with their European and American counterparts. In mixing and blending the contemporary taste and style with the western worlds, African fashion and music have become entertaining, innovative and sporadically mind-blowing.

AFRIFAMU is an event that offers both the opportunity to bask in the glory and pleasures of African fashion and music, and the platform to appreciate, celebrate and acknowledge the men and women of African descents who have been committed in serving their various communities through African community Achievement Award (ACAA) and in the process, achieved remarkable things, impacted lives, and brought about social change. 

The event which starts at 7 pm and ends at 2 pm, would display the African culture through its fascinating fashion and music, and everyone with an interest is invited. Dinner would be served at 8 pm in a buffet style, while drinks would be served all night long. Tickets can be purchased for $100 before the event, or $125 at the entrance of the event.

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