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Gilbert Ebot

Agbor Gilbert Ebot aka AGE is a Cameroonian award-winning film producer. His success as a filmmaker includes Before Sunrise, The Blues Kingdom, The Land of Shadow, Pink Poison, and Far.
He has paved the way for so many Cameroonian filmmakers. Emerging at a time when very little was known about the Cameroonian film industry, Gilbert saw the thicks and the thins but never gave up. Through difficult times, he succeeded in bringing other talents from neighboring Nigeria for talent exchange and to bridge the gap by combining and Co staring many Cameroonian actors on the screen to booster the face of the Cameroonian movie industry at that time.
Gilbert Ebot is the CEO and Founder of the Cameroon International Film Festival - CAMIFF
AFRIFAMUACAA, The African Community Achievement Award Committee is proud to celebrate Agbor Gilbert Ebot for his outstanding contributions towards the growth and empowerment of the Cameroonian film industry. Because of your immense contribution and sacrifice, that industry is what it is today.